Agricultural Loans
Our Agricultural Loan’s primary purpose is to finance activities relating to agriculture and processes involved in farming, planting, harvesting, gathering, marketing, storage, distribution and others. The loan proceeds may also be used for financing a land purchase, farm machines and equipments, supplies like fertilizers and seeds, poultry, livestock, work animals, and other similar items.

Commercial Loan
These are loans granted for the purpose of conducting or carrying on, developing and improving commercial operations as well as purchasing commodities for resale and additional capital for various lines of business.

Industrial Loan
These are loans granted to finance small and medium scale manufacturing industries. This is suitable for all qualified manufacturers who want to expand their business and lacks the needed capital to do so. Suitable for businesses who are engaged in a mass production of converting raw materials into a new or finish product.

Development Incentive Loan
This refers to loans extended by the bank to finance the operation of various institutions, e.g. educational institutions, cooperatives, hospitals and other medical services,

Equity Credit Line
A revolving credit line where borrowers can facilitate their business operations through issuance of checks.  It helps borrowers to save time and interest.
The Equity Credit Line (ECL) is a 1-year term loan secured by a real estate mortgage (REM). Loans are released and effected upon issuance of a special checkbook.

Revolving Credit Line
Borrower must be a legitimate businessman with profitable operations for the last 3 years. Borrower is required to issue post dated checks for each monthly interest. Principal is fully paid together with the last interest payment. Borrower may avail again without much delay upon full payment, provided his/her account is in good standing.

Flexi Home Loan
The Flexi Home Loan is a program designed to provide easier financing for the purchase of residential lot, house and lot, townhouse and condominium units or for home renovation/improvement at a reasonable interest rate with a flexible term (up to 15 years) adaptive to the borrower's capacity.

Flexi-Commercial Real Estate Loan
 It is designed for the purpose of providing:

  • Purchase of commercial  lot
  • Purchase and/or construction of commercial building
  • Purchase and/or construction of factory and warehouse
  • For the renovation / improvement of existing commercial building for a reasonable interest rate at a flexible term adaptive to their capacity.

Loan Combo Maximizer (LCM)
A loan product intended to help clients to maximize the use of the proceeds of the loan and boost earning potential by providing clients with deferred payment scheme for a fix period of one year before commencing the regular amortization on the 13th month with maximum term of five years.