Well Experienced
It has been a our privilege to serve you since 1974 to meet the banking needs of the residents and businesses in each of our 35 branches.
We care, you Grow
"We care, you Grow" affirms QCRB's commitment as a valuable instrument in improving people's lives and well-being of the community it serves.
Trusted Services
A cornerstone of QCRB's banking culture has been the lasting personal relationships between our employees and our customers.

Our Services

We deliver services to the countryside.


Broad deposit products with low maintaining balance and high deposit interest.


Flexible home and commercial loans with competitive rates and maximum amount.

Going Digital

The word “fintech” is simply a combination of the words “financial” and “technology”.

Foreign Exchange

Get the best exchange rates for your loved ones' hard earned dollar remittance. We provide tailored Peso-Dollar exchange rate including Forex Trading.

Acquired Assets

Looking for a new investment? Avail one of our acquired properties ranging from residential, commercial and agricultural properties.


We offer various remittance platforms across QCRB locations to reinforce our consumer value propositions of convenient, reliable and fast money transfer services

Our Portfolio

News and Recent Projects

Fund Transfer Made Easy
Fund Transfer Made Easy

With InstaPay fund transfers from other member banks are now easy. Just your funds to QCRB and withdraw from your nearest ATM.

Business Consulting
Business Consulting

Financial consultant to our customers.


QCRB partnered with Unionbank's UBX i2i for remittance, account-to-account fund transfers and bills payment facility. Customers can now enjoy a wider range of services and send to more areas.

Going Digital
Going Digital

ATM, Instapay, i2i, Western Union and more to come.

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